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About Us

We are a small workshop, based in the village of Cazorla in the province of Jaén (Andalucia, Spain). We have been making sundials since 1981. Having studied metallurgy, our encounter with sundials occurred quite by chance and ever since we have been self-taught. The ultimate goal from the very beginning was to create our own models of different sizes, trying to make them progressively bigger.

Sundials are very curious instruments and, as artisans, we find them to offer enormous possibilities, for they can be built in many different ways: either as a clock, or in different shapes and even different materials. We love the challenge of building a unique model, and we always enjoy making sundials to fit the individual requirements and ideas of our clients.

We have taken part in numerous exhibitions and fairs all over Spain as well as in some European towns.

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The history of the sundial is partly that of the human being, and his quest for the knowledge of time.


In our Relojes de Sol catalog it offers a wide variety of them, but if you want we can create you a customized to your specifications.

In charges

We advise you on the best Sundial that suits your needs and study your case to assist you as you deserve.

What we offer

Unique products, care to detail
Fully functional to pamper yourself or make a gift

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  • A sundial is something forever

Any questions?

Do not be left in doubt, ask for clarification and we will be happy to respond.